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In an interview on the Italian magazine “Batteria & Percussioni” of December 2010, about him it is said: “Antonio Fusco attests how versatility and personality are not in contrast. Artistically more mature than his registered age, the musician coming from Avellino, but since 12 years based in Milan, stands out for the great timing, creativity and personality … “ (Massimiliano Cerreto)

Italian drummer, composer, and educator Antonio Fusco has created a name for himself across the globe as a versatile, abundantly creative, and mindful musical presence on the jazz scenes throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. He is known for his approach to drumming that can be both delicate and nuanced, or fiery and bombastic, while always serving whatever musical setting he is in. His deep knowledge of the drums and the innate mastery of various musical languages has enabled Antonio Fusco to record over 39 albums as a side-man, and six albums as leader and co-leader.


His love of music was nurtured at the early age of 10, when he began drumming in rock and blues bands in Solofra. Soon enough Antonio would be touring throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa, collaborating with musicians from many walks of life and musical genres, ranging from jazz, rock, funk, pop, blues, and avant-garde styles.


His most recent releases as a bandleader include his quintet album “Peaceful Soul” (2022) and his trio album “Sete” (2023). These records established him not only as a tour-de-force on the drums, but also as a stand-out composer. Steeped in the jazz and classical traditions of Asian, Afro-American, and European music, his masterful compositions combine complex harmony and rhythm with wistful melodies to create an elevated but enjoyable experience for even the newest of jazz listeners.


Other projects that Fusco has played for include the Tino Tracanna Acrobat, “Suite for Motian”-- his tribute to pianist Bill Evans and drummer Paul Motian, and Giovanni Falzone’s Led Zeppelin Suite and the award-winning Ornette Coleman tribute– “The Around Ornette Africa Tour.” 


His musical offerings have taken him around the globe, from jazz festivals in Johannesburg, Liverpool, Mozambique, China, and Umbria, to internationally renowned jazz venues such as the JZ Clubs in Hangzou and Shanghai, as well as Blue Note Milan and Blue Note Beijiing. He was also quoted in the New Italian Jazz Dictionary in 2014, cementing him as a credited name in jazz education.


Fusco is currently performing his music and collaborating with esteemed artists throughout Massimiliano Rolff Trio Gerdhwin On Air, Tino Tracanna Plamede Q, while also sharing his love for jazz drumming and education on the Asian platform Jazz World. His albums “Peaceful Soul” and “Sete” can be found on all digital stores and in CD format. 

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