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ANTONIO FUSCO QUINTET is a project based in Asia featuring the american trumpet player Noah Lynn Hocker and three excellent musicians of the Japanese jazz scene:  Yasuhiro Kohama  (tenor & alto sax), Yuki Hirate (piano) and  Satoshi Tokuda (d.bass). 
The training ranges from reworking of jazz classics to original songs with a mix of groove, interplay and open spaces, without to leave out the big tradition of the swing. 



Sete" is the new album by drummer and bandleader Antonio Fusco. The album is a journey into his artistic world which is expressed through melody, interplay and sound research.In the trio spaces and silences have a deep value, like notes.



Silk Road is the first official Chinese quartet of the leader A. Fusco ,based in Beijing, featuring  Nathaniel Gao - alto sax, Michal Ciesielski - piano, D-Ray -bass. Spaces, melody, groove and colors are always the main elements in the music of the leader Fusco that one more time put together tradition and  avant-garde in a unique portrait.

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