"Sete" is the new album by drummer and bandleader Antonio Fusco. The album is a journey into his artistic world which is expressed through melody, interplay and sound research.

In the trio spaces and silences have a deep value, like notes.

Once again the drummer Antonio Fusco proposes himself as the leader of an a new trio that sees the participation of  Antonio Fusco on drums, Manuel Magrini on piano and Ferdinando Romano on double bass.
The meeting of the three musicians gave shape to the album entitled "Sete", which marks the beginning of a new musical journey.
It is not just a jazz album, but also a complex musical dimension that investigates the contemporary world and its influences on art.
Research and experimentation are continuously interconnected, delicately accompanying the harmonic and melodic texture of each tune, which express the creative and artistic vision of the author (Antonio Fusco), very socially active for the defense of the arts and committed in the front line to defend the authenticity of a music close to the listener.
The music composed by Antonio Fusco gets inspiration from the several social and economic moments that have characterized the whole 2020: Quarantine, Waves, Pilgrim, all songs that represent a significant historical segment.
Among the proposed tracks we also find a reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland,  just to underline a message of hope, parallel realities, charismatic characters, where everyone and everything has its own place.
“Sete” represents a step towards the search for a new beginning, both musical and personal.

Music unites people bringing peace and harmony, reflecting like a mirror and embracing like a pilgrim (“Pilgrim”) everyone, each of us meets during his artistic journey.